MBD&B​/​Like the Bear

by Black Bolt

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released July 23, 2013



all rights reserved


Black Bolt Boise, Idaho

A loose congolmeration of nerds and jerks playing three to five chords, sometimes successfully.

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Track Name: MBD&B
a Mormon girl
wearing skinny jeans
she'll never put a cigarette up to her lips
and light the filter
and she's asleep
while the city dreams
I'm awake making bad mistakes
that I won't remember

and she'll never have a drinking problem
I always make them more than I solve them

my license plate says 1A but I feel like a 26Z
and I've been hit by every god damn branch
in the City of Trees

he drives a car
with an orange flag
worships an institution that he never went to
its blood is blue
and the city bleeds
I'm bone dry but I don't qualify
for the transfusion

and domestic life is television
we don't even flinch at the incision
Track Name: Like the Bear Respects the Mountain Cat
listening to the radio I see a valley full of windmills
then I seem to notice all the dead birds down below
and nobody knows what we did last year

who's going to translate our Bible?
when the ashes of the buildings turn to mountains
who's going to sing at our revival?
when our thoughts are bubbles in a toxic fountain
and nobody knows what we did last year

in the days and the nights and the days, but mostly the nights
you're gonna be that fucking bird that hits the windmill
Track Name: Sight Beyond Sight (Le Fleur version)
if I'm not drinking
don't look me in the eye
if I'm outside freezing
don't invite me inside

machines turn on and machines turn off
I sit through all of it listening to talk
lights turn off and the lights stay out
dark red syrup trickles from my mouth

I'm not leaving my house today
embargoes and sanctions would get in the way
I'm not walking around today
carbon is caution is neural decay

be fearful, be hopeless, be cautious, be anxious
be warned
be reckless, be fearless, be raucous, be endless
be warned

palm on the window
leaving a ghost behind
and the last few hours
drinking's erased from my mind

you'll get yours and I'll get off
drunk through all of it I'll never get enough
smoke sucks in and the smoke breathes out
one of us will choke on it, is there any doubt?